The Amazing Gynura Procumbens anti cancer plant

 The Gynura procumbens plants

Hi readers, there will be no Ongkor funny story today because I willl be talking mainly about herbal medicine. To start with, I have to tell you that I was a heavy smoker before, I would smoke any brand of cigarettes including the local pagung (locally made cigarettes) especially if it was in a social moginum session. After years of smoking, I started to develop ulcer in my mouth which will come and go. I didn't really take this seriously, after all it's not that serious apart from the bad breath that it creates. The doctor advised me to stop smoking, in which I did but the ulcer problem is still persistence especially if you are in a lot of stress and in the hot dry season of the year.

I did take some anti-biotics and ointment for ulcer and it will go away in a few days but I would like to try a more natural approach to the problem - herbal medicine. One of the herbs that was recommended to me by a friend is the Gynura procumbens (scientific name) but it is also known locally as the Sambung Nyawa plant. Other names for the plant are Leaves of the Gods, Googoolipid, Mollucan spinach, Daun Dewa, Akar Sebiak, Kelemai Merah and Bai Bing Cao. The plant came from the Asteraceae plant family. I was not able to get the name in Kadazandusun but I am confident that there is a name for the plant in my local lingo if I do a more extensively research.

So what are the medical properties of this plant? For your information, I listed below a few that I found in my research.

  • Ulcer and cancer.
  • Helps decrease cholesterol level.
  • Help to lower high blood pressure
  • Used to treat kidney problems
  • Diabetes

Of all the above, I have come to know that a friend who is suffering from diabetes has generally improved after consuming the leaves of Gynura procumbens plant.

I have planted the plants in a few flower pots and expect to move them to my small garden soon. You might be asking, how do you take the Gynura procumbens leaves for medicine? Very simple, please follow the procedures below.

Important: To be taken in the morning before breakfast.

  • Take 3-5 mature leaves
  • Wash throughly
  • Chew in your mouth until they turn into a thick paste
  • Swallow
  • Drink a glass of warm water

Be consistent, eat the leaves everyday until you can feel some improvement where you may take them in  intervals - three times a week. To have a steady supply of leaves, plant them yourself and if you don't have the luxury of a large plot of land, plant them on flower pots and use organic fertilizer and NOT the chemical ones, just remember you are eating the leaves.


If you have been taking this plant and would like to comment please do so, or if you just want to ask questions about the plant feel free to write your comment below.

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  1. Adui..makan begitu saja? Mesti tdk sadap kan..tapi why not kan if for health. I'm glad you stop smoking. Bahaya ba tu kan..

    1. Ya, makan begitu saja, macam makan duan saja bah...macam kambing. After stop smoking tidur pun lena sikit, dan nafas pun macam yg 18 tahun punya hahhaha...

  2. I'd like to know exactly how i can distinguish gynura from other plants? What's the texture of the leaves? Is it smooth or is it kind of rough like a fine sand paper? I also see that some of the pictures on the web shows that the leaves are shiny yet some are dull. Hope you can help me with this so i can get the true gynure & not the fake one. Thanks.

  3. On the upper part of the leaf is a bit rough but not as rough as a sand paper. The lower part of the leaf is smooth, you can try and feel it with your finger. Top part - rough, the other side of the leaf is smooth.

  4. Where can I buy this plant from?

    1. If you are in Asia, they are common everywhere.

  5. i have the exact same plant and have been eating its leaves on a daily basis (2-4 leaves). i have noticed after consuming it, my core temp increase about 2.0F average. im meticulous about this plant...some what doubtful even but i continue to see results. not sure if i can credit it to psych or the chemicals this plant has...for now 50-50. one thing is sure thou, i continue to see results.

    1. Hi Diamond,

      Good for you. I have known a few individuals who have experienced improved results. One was a diabetic and the other was suffering from hypertension.

  6. Is there a specific way of growing this plant? I have mine in a pot and at first it was growing normally but now the leaves seem to be withering and drying out and has become sparse. Any suggestion on how to take care of this plant?

    1. Depending on where you live. The plant likes lots of sunshine. If you are living in a temperate country, you may want to keep it indoors, next to a window which has a lot sunshine. If you in the tropics, the plant could overly "watered".

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